The Raven Underground Coal Project

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The proposed Raven Project, located on mainly private land approximately five kilometres west of the Buckley Bay ferry terminal, proposes to remove metallurgical or “steel-making” coal for export to steel-making markets in Japan and South Korea. The proposed mine site is located in a valley behind a ridge to reduce noise and visual impacts.

Port Alberni has been identified as the preferred port for transport to overseas markets. Early work into the proposed project’s feasibility contemplates the use of trucks, although transporting by rail is still an option if the community prefers it and it is cost competitive to trucking.

New studies indicate 88% of the coal produced from the Raven Project will be suitable for “steel-making”. This is an increase over earlier estimates.

Steel is made by combining steel-making coal with iron ore and is essential to food production, clean water, housing and transportation.

The project team is committed to developing a project that is socially and environmentally responsible.

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