Welcome to the proposed Raven Underground Coal Project website.

The proposed mine site is located on mainly private land in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Compliance Coal is continually providing new information, so keep checking back for project updates.

Initial Screening of Raven Environmental Application Completed

May 21, 2013                                                                                                      

The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has completed the initial screening of the Application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the proposed Raven Underground Coal Project.

The EAO has determined that at this stage the Application does not yet contain all of the required information set out in the Application Information Requirements (“AIR”) and has decided not to accept the Application for detailed review at this time. “As we have maintained all along, a comprehensive study delivers a high-quality environmental assessment, incorporating extensive public and aboriginal consultation – this screening review is simply the first round,” says Stephen Ellis, Vice President, Operations of Compliance Coal Corporation (“the Company”).

The screening review is a scan of the Application for the purposes of determining whether the AIR have been met, and does not constitute an in depth review to determine whether or not issues have been addressed and resolved to EAO’s satisfaction.

The proposed Raven Project is subject to a comprehensive federal and provincial environmental review process where more than 15 independent scientists have provided their findings on baseline information gathered by the Company and on studies the independent scientists have conducted to determine if there are any potential effects on valued components of the environment in over a dozen environmental categories.  The completed Application contains approximately 12,000 pages and fills more than 10 binders, and due to the onerous task to review the Application, the EAO extended the prescribed evaluation period by 13 days to enable this process to be completed.  For ease of cross referencing their comments to sections of the Application, the EAO embedded their screening comments in a 114 page table, provided by the Company in the Application; not all of the pages contained comments.

The Company and its consultant, AMEC, shall review the comments returned by the EAO and provide clarification or additional information and then resubmit the Application for further review.

Receipt of Application screening comments is typical and not unexpected after a first review. They include references to most of the environmental categories, Public and First Nation Consultation.

The proposed Raven Underground Coal Project is a project of the Comox Joint Venture. The joint venture has been created to investigate the possibility of developing the Raven Underground Coal Project on Vancouver Island. Compliance Coal Corporation, a Canadian resource company with corporate offices located in Vancouver British Columbia, is the majority partner in the Comox Joint Venture.

The advisory letters from the EAO, and comments in the Concordance Table can be found posted on the EAO’s Project Information Centre at


Construction Training

The average British Columbia mine employee earns $115,700 per year…

This is a seven percent increase compared to 2010, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report. Please see the Mining Association of BC website for more information.

parksville district and chamber of commerce logo

The Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce supports the Raven Project

The Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors recently passed a motion to support Compliance Coal and their efforts to open a coal mine in the Fanny Bay area… Read more →

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Foreign workers? Not for the Raven Project

Unlike northeastern BC, the Port Alberni and Comox Valley area has a good supply of skilled local workers. In fact, more than 300 local people have already expressed an interest in the Raven Project’s well-paying mine jobs, many of who are currently commuting to other BC communities and Alberta for work.

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Letters to the editor may confuse

A couple of recent letters to the editor may have been confusing due to their comments about the project’s AIR/EIS Guidelines document.  We value your interest in the project and would like to make sure you have accurate information.

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Employment Opportunities

Do you have experience operating heavy equipment, working in an office or maintaining facilities? These are just a few of the skills needed to help the mine operate if the project is approved.

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Mining— What’s it all About?

Workshop participants got a close up look at the Raven Project site recently as part of a free course offered by Geoscience BC with the BC Institute of Technology and Island Coastal Economic Trust. The interactive two day workshop – called “Mining – What’s it all about?” – gave First Nation communities and other local residents a look into modern mineral exploration and mining.

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Raven Project supports the 4th Annual Old House Hotel Mayors’ Charity Golf Classic at the Crown Isle Golf Course in Courtenay

North Island College, the Boomers Legacy fund, the Young Professionals of Comox Valley, the Comox Valley Food Bank and the Salvation Army are some of the organizations that will benefit from the money raised at this year’s Mayors’ Charity Golf Classic tournament. Over $90,000 has been raised by the tournament to date.

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Campbell River resident calls on Christy Clark to make the Raven Project a priority

“We need these jobs and the economy of B.C needs this investment,” writes businesswoman Sandra Karason…

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Metallurgical coal is essential to steel production

When you woke up this morning, chances are you had a bite to eat and jumped in your car, on your bike, or on the bus to work and didn’t think twice about it. But modern day life— the houses we live in, the food we eat, the transportation we use— depend on steel. Metallurgical coal is essential to steel production.

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Compliance Coal’s commitment to open and transparent communication

Compliance Coal Corporation is committed to open and transparent communication about the proposed Raven Underground Coal Project in the Comox Valley.

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Federal and Provincial governments approve Application Information Requirements guidelines for the Raven Project

The BC Environmental Assessment Office and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency have approved the Application Information requirements/Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines for the proposed Raven Underground Coal Project.

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Top ten things you need to know about the Raven Project

Whether it’s protecting shellfish in Baynes Sound, streams and groundwater or understanding the impact on transportation routes or new job opportunities for the Comox Valley, it’s important to stay informed. These are the top ten things you need to know about the Raven Underground Coal Project.

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Scientists study shellfish in Baynes Sound

Independent baseline studies are underway in Baynes Sound, gathering information about the existing pre-project environment in the nearshore area of Fanny Bay. The Raven Underground Coal Project will use these scientific studies to design measures to protect the marine environment.

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Raven Project would contribute $1.1 billion to local economy

The proposed Raven Underground Coal Project would contribute about $1.1 billion to the economies of the Comox Valley, Port Alberni and surrounding regions according to estimates prepared as part of the project’s comprehensive federal and provincial environmental assessment process.

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Creating jobs close-to-home

The proposed Raven Underground Coal Project would create more than 350 full-time, well-paying jobs.  Jesse is one of many people looking for a job closer-to-home in the Comox Valley.

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BC Mine Suppliers Benefit

The proposed Raven Underground Coal Project will bring up to 200 construction jobs, 350 full-time well-paying mine and transportation jobs and 500 indirect jobs to the Vancouver Island economy.  It will spend about $35 million per year on goods and services during operations, and an additional $1.8 million annually at the Port of Port Alberni.

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John Tapics presents to the Campbell River Rotary Club

President and CEO of Compliance Coal came to the Campbell River Rotary Club to deliver the company perspective on the development of the Raven Underground Coal Mine near Union Bay. His first comment was to assure members that the very organized opposition to the project was sending out a lot of misinformation.

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